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Ready for change?


The body is an amazing thing if you think about it - it's all at once strong and fragile, has capabilities beyond comprehension, and it's a reflection of our discipline, diet, and thoughts. Whether you're starting or continuing your fitness journey, I'm here to show you how fun, beautiful, and fulfilling a fit lifestyle can be. Using my knowledge and experience, I'll help you build the body, confidence and fit lifestyle you're looking for. With four programs to choose from geared towards a variety of workout environments, you're bound to find the workout that suits your needs and gives you the results you want!

My Mantras:

You are stronger than you think.

Have pride & confidence in what you've built.

Find balance.


Let's get F.I.T. - Fit and Inspired to Train!


I’m Cassandra, and I’m aspiring to inspire.

Fitness. Balance. Confidence. YOU.


I N S T A G R A M @iamcassk